Your ATV Club & Membership Dollars at Work

Have you ever asked the questions… “Why does the Petenwell ATV Club charge an annual membership fee?” or “What does the Petenwell ATV Club do for me?”

Well, to be honest, the answers are quite simple. First and foremost, without an ATV club there would be no ATV routes. The townships through which the routes travel require that a governing body (an ATV club) oversee the “maintenance” of the routes. This means that only the Petenwell ATV Club is allowed to request and renew ATV routes, and they are also required to post signs on all of the ATV routes, and keep these routes posted for ATV use, in the Town of Armenia, Town of Finley, Town of Remington, and a portion of the Necedah Township. That encompasses over 130 miles of routes. In addition, the Petenwell ATV Club hosts a website for club information, provides poker runs sheets and posters and other information for events, and devises letters and provides information for officials regarding route expansions and the like. All of the board members are volunteers no-one is paid for the work they do. All of the work is done to maintain an ATV route system in the Town of Armenia, Town of Finley, Town of Remington, and Necedah Township for the riding pleasure of ATV enthusiasts and to help promote the business of the local establishments on the route system. That is why this ATV club was formed, that is why the routes were established, and that is why there is a Petenwell ATV club today and what it does for its members.